Ship breakers salvage

where does all the equipment go those ship breakers in India deal with?
I wouldn’t mind having a small centrifuge but never see one, i’m probably not looking hard enough but not all that stuff is sitting on a shelf in india somewhere!

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You just have to take a trip to Alang:

Depending on the need machinery can be reused. One of the ships I was on needed a replacement SSTG after the turbine threw a few blades. We got a replacement off a ship that had just been run up on the beach in Alang.

I always wondered about DP systems. Lots of hardware there.

Maybe more useful links?:

thx guys, I don’t think i’d of found the alang store, i’ll look up dp systems, gawd, what’s shipping from alang out here to the pnw? (even if by slow boat?)

One class of ship I served on had a combination lathe, drill press,mill and a shaper. There is a drawer of cutters for the mill never used. The lathe bed was about 7-8 feet and part of the ways could be removed for larger dimension work pieces. It would have looked very fine in my workshop (I have 3 phase 440 volt supply). But I suppose they are snapped up by manufacturers of AK47s in one of the “Stan’s”