Selling marine equipment - where?

Hi everybody, I’m going to help our company to sell out some old marine stock equipment. There are some propellers, gear levers, deck machinery etc (unused, nice stuff). Does anybody know a place where I could sell this?

I saw that there is a sales category in this forum but it doesn’t seam to much action going on. Can someone point me to the right place?

Thanks so much for info :slight_smile:

Run an ad in Boat and Harbors classified.

Hell, the jag I’ve been on these past six months buying old surplus shit, you might be able to unload it all on me! I’ve got the M54A2 to haul it all!

Tell me whatchya got? Any roundbar boat davits? A small A-frame perhaps? Detroit Diesel spares? A 10-15kW diesel genset? A 16’ aluminum workboat (pref diesel powered and landing craft designed)? Dive compressor? Lift bags, slings, etc…?

Other than me, I’d certainly go with Jet and advertise the lot in good ol’ B&H!