Shell sets sail

SHELL The next time that you want to find out that there isn’t any ice in the areas where you want to drill (and there hasn’t been much of any ice around there for weeks) use this link.

There still here in Dutch aiviq left 3 days ago. Disco last heard aug 9th

Shell Exploration & Production Company has ten drill sites within the Burger, Sivulliq and Torpedo prospects of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, Alaska (See Table 1).Show citation box
Table 1—Prospect Locations Back to Top Prospect Well Area Block Lease No. Latitude Longitude
Burger A Posey 6764 OCS-Y-2280 N71°18′30.92″ W163°12′43.17″
Burger F Posey 6714 OCS-Y-2267 N71°20′13.96″ W163°12′21.75″
Burger J Posey 6912 OCS-Y-2321 N71°10′24.03″ W163°28′18.52″
Burger R Posey 6812 OCS-Y-2294 N71°16′06.57″ W163°30′39.44″
Burger S Posey 6762 OCS-Y-2278 N71°19′25.79″ W163°28′40.84″
Burger V Posey 6915 OCS-Y-2324 N71°10′33.39″ W163°04′21.23″
Sivulliq G Flaxman Is 6658 OCS-Y 1805 N70°23′46.82″ W146°01′03.46″
Sivulliq N Flaxman Is 6658 OCS-Y 1805 N70°23′29.58″ W145°58′52.53″
Torpedo H Flaxman Is 6610 OCS-Y 1941 N70°27′01.62″ W145°49′32.07″
Torpedo J Flaxman Is 6559 OCS-Y 1936 N70°28′56.94″ W145°53′47.15″

Current position

Going to be hard to drill when the ice class spill response barge is still being vetted by the uscg in Bellingham.

[QUOTE=rshrew;77045]Going to be hard to drill when the ice class spill response barge is still being vetted by the uscg in Bellingham.[/QUOTE]

The only thing happening right now is that the AIVIQ has taken the DISCO’s anchors north and is going to set them in advance of the ship arriving and FENNICA is doing something else in the Chukchi. As far as I know almost evevybody else is still sitting in DH with their thumbs up their asses.

Each day this circus sits at anchor makes the chances of getting anything drilled this year more and more unlikely. The fact that the fleet is not drilling already shows the massive failure which is unfolding here!

I’ve been trying to find AIVIQ on AIS, but I don’t have access to the pay global satellite coverage.

I’m also curious to see what else is up there. About a week ago I got glimpse of a Chinese ship steaming north — according to the AIS her destination is Iceland. Presumably, she is headed eastbound through the Northwest Passage.

When did the cruise ships start showing up in Nome last year?

The little guys have made stops there a few times over the past few years. From what I have heard from a few of our guys who were there this summer it’s quite the boom town because of that Bering sea gold reality show.


Generally speaking marinelink don’t know dick

OH! Thanks for the memo. Mikey!

Good for them. When I was there six years ago the place was a shithole.

You should have seen it 25 years ago, before they built the outside dock. I think Nome is the second largest “city” in Western Alaska. Nome can be a very interesting port of call compared to any place down in the bayou. I once had a deckhand who stumbled out of the Board of Trade at 3 a.m.and decided jump into an empty but still running police car and take it for a spin. The police chased him around town until he ran out of gas. Needless to say, he went straight to jail and I never saw him again.

I was recently offered a trip to Nome, but decided not to take it.

Things still same up here cureently the noble discover moved to the apl dock no word when
They are pulling off. Harvey gulf going
Along side here this afternoon.

Also the green peace ship Esperanza shows up this afternoon.

I remember walking into town at Nome about 5 years ago it was 45 degrees out around noontime kids were playing in the ocean with ice still bunched up in clumps on the beach. And there were also a few locals passed out on the street in front of one of the bars lol good times!