Sharp Celesticomp V - wanted


searching for a Celesticomp V
does anyone have one for selling?

thank you !

Maybe, but I think it’s in a storage unit in california.

What are they going for these days?

hello John,
thanks for your interest on my request
pls let me know if you can recover the stored unit …

I have one as well. Also a Cassens & Plath sextant, if you’re looking.


Hello Tony,
no need for the C&P at this moment, thank you - just the Celesticomp …
asking price for the calc? Which version is the software (Rear label on ram
card reports it) Thank you!


All I know is the serial number–27035858.

The stickers on the back are mostly rubbed off–sorry. But it would date back to about 1993 which is when I got it. I did talk with the designer John somebody who said it would be good for another long while, but that was 10n years ago. I have no idea what to sell it for.

I’ve seen them on eBay for not much more than a hundred something $

hello Tony,
from what you say the label on rom card has gone - is it the star list
(inside of the grey plastic cover) still present?
Which are the overall aesthetic conditions?
As memeber’s statement about the medium value of calculator, if it is fine
for you too i can offer 100USD including traceable postage to Italy (zip

thank you in advance for consideing my offer-

Yes, the starlist is there and looks new. The calculator is in excellent condition for being as old as it is. Really pristine. I used it for sun shots and star ID up to June 2015

. The backside labels rubbed off because there’s nothing to protect them on the back of the calculator.

That said, I am real lukewarm about selling my Celesticomp V. I was mostly responding to the surprise of someone asking about a calculator that I have been a proud owner of for so long. Maybe ask John about his. Thanks.Uploading…

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hello Tony,
i have been looking for this celesticomp V for a long time…
your calculator is much better then i expected -
if you agree for selling it i am sure we will find a satisfactory agreement for you about the selling price

please feel free to think on it and let me know

havev a nice day

eBay dot com, bud