Shallow-Water Oil Drillers Disappointed by Lack of Gulf Action

Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) – Shallow-water oil-drilling companies are disappointed that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar declined to offer a pledge on resuming exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, said participants at a meeting in Houma, Louisiana.,

Makes ya wonder if they are trying to get the price of oil/ barrel, jacked up…so that the christmas trees, in their back yards,will increase value in their oil production,pretty disgusting, and something is really suspicious about this,political maneuvering,tween,the dems,and rep.'s ? I doubt this is about safety, anymore…

I have wondered what would happen if the companies decided to drill anyways.

would the government use military force on american people that worked on the rigs???

if they did talk about a political nightmare for the government

Ken Salazar is NO friend of drilling anywhere!!

And yet it is the Republicans that are called obstructionist. . . . .

As I said all along, put a MMS guy on the rig and make sure the oil companies pay the tab and get to work. Make them do all the paperwork and look over regulatory issues - instead of the surprise inspections. What would that cost. $175,000 year max? I’ve seen oil companies lose more by dropping a paper clip on the drill floor.