Salazar Calls for New Safety Measures for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

How the RCA investigation would read if I were on the team:

Incident : Deepwater Horizon Burns and Sinks

Why: The well blew out

Why: The drilling mud was displaced with seawater

Why: The signs of failed well components were ignored

Why: Failure in the chain of command, BP wellsite leader overriding rig leadership

Root cause: Management failure to support offshore personnel with respect to TOFS (time out for safety) Safety culture breakdown up to and including division management.

See MMS perspective:

Ken Salazar is a complete idiot. Between him and Gov Ritter, they all but completely shut down any drilling here in Colorado.

Does anyone out there have links to, or copies of, BP or Transocean HSE risk assessment or management plan or HAZID documents/reports undertaken before drilling of the Macondo well
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Assistance much appreciated, thanks.