Several jobs advertised in the Seattle area

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[li] AB Deckhand - Limited (279917-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] AB Deckhand - Special (280206-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] AB Deckhand - Unlimited (279920-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] Chief Engineer - DDE (279921-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] Chief Engineer - DDE - Fast Ferry (284664-697)[/li]Everett, WA, US.
[li] Chief Engineer - Unlimited (243441-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] Chief Steward (279916-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] Deckhand - Fast Ferry (284666-697)[/li]Everett, WA, US.
[li] Deckhand - Ordinary Seaman (279926-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] Licensed Mariner - Kitsap Pennisula (270677-697)[/li]Keyport, WA, US.
[li] Master - All Licenses (279923-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] Master - Fast Ferry (284674-697)[/li]Everett, WA, US.
[li] Mate - All Licenses (279925-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] QMED (283823-697)[/li]Seattle, WA, US.
[li] Sr. Deckhand - Fast Ferry (284669-697)[/li]Everett, WA, US.

anybody worked for lindblad?

[QUOTE=boat21;18801]anybody worked for lindblad?[/QUOTE]
:smiley: This outfit keeps their crews and professional mariners for years, that is really all you need to know about their management style.
The work is fun and exciting. now for the bad news. The small passanger industry has been notorious for LOW pay. That said, I don’t really know their packages anymore. Best to contact their H.R. manager.
Best of luck
Capt. D.

thanks dave I took a tour of the sea bird today ,not bad the 2nd mate makes about 120 aday 60 on 30 off I would like to work there

$120 a day for a mates position!!! :eek:

I know a jobs a job, but dam most hands make more then that starting out in the gulf. Must be one hell of a great working enviroment for them to keep guys while paying that low.

Jemplayer, is that a Chouest tug in your pic?