Seeking some insight from current and past GLMA cadets

I have recently been accepted into the academy for the engineering program and I would like to get a clearer picture of both the school and the career. I already have a degree so I would be in the three year long program. I’m especially interested in what expectations you might have had before starting and how those expectations were met now that you are either graduated or currently enrolled.

Also how is the job market for just graduating engineers? I know the school has told me they have had 100% or near 100% placement in the recent past. Is this a sugar coated statistic? I just don’t want to commit three years of my life and a lot of money and then not be able to find work.

Thanks in advance to any responders.


I will be graduating from the deck program this spring. “Placement” may not be the right word but from what I have seen pretty much everyone who wants a job seems to get one shortly after graduation. If you want to work on the Great Lakes it is fairly easy to get a job, the companies hire straight from the academy and last year they seemed to hire everyone they could find. If you want to work salt water I would say you have as good a chance as anyone. Salt water companies come by every year but with the exception of MSC they don’t just grab anyone they can find. Every year is different but 100% apparently does occur. As an engineer, you really shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a job.