Seeking Advice


I have never posted anything in any forum B4. I’ve got what I consider a fair bit of seatime, (nothing compared to most of you guys) - Two years on a 60 ft racing sailing vessel. Numereous passages ie. San Diego-Italy, Italy-England, San Diego-Hawaii, and a bunch of West coast of Mexico passages. Most of which was 20 years ago. I got married and quit the boats. Now, 20 years later, Im just recently divorced and want to get back to the boats. I have no liscenses but enogh sea time for a 100 ton. I was down in NZ last month and got a boatmaster certificate just to get me going - got any advice? I need to have 90 days on a 100 ton ASAP - help? I am thinking about going to Alaska near Anchorage finding a boat and taking some courses…


Hi Newskip,
Welcome to the forum. I have a similar experience but without the divorce. I ran tugs back in the late 70’s to mid 80’s and haven’t sailed in 22 years. Last Feb 2008 I made the decision to get my credentials back after letting them expire in 1997. In order to get my 500ton mate license back I had to complete the STCW-OICNW program which cost me $31K incl travel lodging & food (also added Tankerman, GMDSS, ARPA & Celestial). I decided to knock it all out in 7 months to get it over with. Then I had to complete 9 CG exam modules. I was issued my documents on Nov 13 and immediately started seeking employment. I applied with over 80 companies with very little success. Thank God the CG gave me back my Master of Towing because last week I got an offer to work as mate on a tug and I am set to sail Thursday morning. It was a very difficult process and several times I wanted to quit but now 14 months later I finally have a job and I am glad that I stayed on course. It may not be easy for you either but just maybe you will find that your are doing something you really love. BTY the job lead came this forum. I wish you the best.