Seattle Bound... tips?

First a shout out to everyone that contributes to making this forum informative, entertaining and just downright useful. Many thanks! A little flattery never hurt eh :wink:

I’m heading to Seattle next week, to beat the bushes and see what kind of opportunities there are. I’ve already made a list of people to see while I’m there and this forum has been instrumental in building that list. This will be my first visit to Seattle, and I’m interested in any feedback that could be useful. Places to stay short-term, tips about transpo, offices to visit, people to ask for, who’s nice, who’s not so nice, great food, coffee, etc…

So far the plan looks like this:

Stay initially at the Green Tortoise Hostel and set up meetings at:

Stabbert Maritime Management
Lacasse Services
Cruise West
University of Wash
Coastal Transportation Inc
Pacific Maritime Institute
Cruise Terminals of America
Argosy Cruises
Premier Pacific Seafoods Inc
Crawford Nautical School
Fremont Maritime Services
Pacific Marine Center

I realize this is a pretty open-ended request, I’m just looking to hear about Seattle from people who I already have respect and appreciation for via gcaptain.

My focus has been research vessels :rolleyes:, so if you have info regarding that direction terrific! Otherwise, I’m just looking to hear about Seattle from insiders. Thanks to all :D!


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Hey there;
Dont forget some of the tug companies. I would definately check with Western Towing, and some of the others that are doing local stuff around the sound. Tell the Stabberts hello and you can use me as a reference if you need. Good luck…

who are you seeing at stabbert?

Just fyi, K-Sea in Seattle says they aren’t hiring and they don’t take entry level. The woman at Coastal didnt think they were hiring, but was willing to take applications.

If you’re car-less, here’s how to figure out what bus to take:

King County Metro Trip Planner

If you’re stopping at PMI, talk to Jill (Danzante) about research ships. And if you go on a Friday, they have donuts!

If you’re staying at the Green Tortoise and you’re talking to folks like Cruise West, you should stop by Lindblad Expeditions - their office is right near there. 1415 Western Ave, 7th floor.

Good food near the Green Tortoise, and none of these are going to break the bank:
Truly good coffee: Stella Caffe 1224 1st Ave
A must visit: Pike Place Chowder 1530 Post Alley
Want an amazing sandwich?: Michou Fresca 1904 Pike Pl

Best way to see the city: take the Seattle to Bainbridge Ferry - walk-ons aren’t too expensive and the return fare is free.

Super bargain way to see a bunch of stuff: City Pass
Cheaper at Costco

Have fun and good luck!

Pierce County/Steilacoom Ferry

> [B]HMS Pacfic Navigation[/B]
Pierce County Ferry
385 Ericksen Ave. NE Suite 123
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Tel: (206) 780-1440
Fax: (206) 780-0484
General Manager: John Sainsbury

If you’re out late hit up a diner called Five Coins. After about 2AM all the… entertainers come for a late night snack.

Washington State Ferries, 2901 2nd Ave. They’re accepting applications for their upcoming hiring/orientation class.


say hi to Pam and Nancy at Premier Pacific- you can use me for a reference.

The bus is good- and free around downtown.

Free internet at the library- or there is an internet cafe near Stella Coffee on 1st. Buy a drink and get an hour for free if you get in there early:)

The library is pretty cool- 10 (?) stories tall.

I would stop by SUP and IBU while you are there- maybe SIU- but you have a hall in Honolulu…

Tourist stuff-

Definitely take a ferry ride ($6), walk around the Seattle center/Space needle, wander the Pike Place market (early morning is best) and check out the locks in Ballard- free entertainment:D

Trident Seafoods is another good place to stop.

Foss has some tugs at pier 90/91, there’s also an MSRC boat there- and lots of fishing vessels- especially American Seafoods…

I usually ate on the ship- but there are lots of good cheap places to eat downtown.

There’s a grocery store a block or two south of the Mcdonalds downtown- and both a Safeway and a Fred Meyer (kinda like Wal Mart) over in Ballard not far from Coastal et al…

One warning- unless you are going to a job fair- or have an appointment- don’t go to Cruisewest. They wouldn’t let me apply- told me to fill out an online application.

Oh yeah- don’t go anywhere without an umbrella!:smiley:

Thanks to everyone for all the terrific suggestions! I’m stoked to finally see what Seattle has to offer. I’ll be sure to offer up what works and what doesn’t!


If you are looking for 100T jobs, don’t forget to check out Argosy Cruises and Victoria Clipper as they may be looking for people this spring.

Two other tug companies to look at would be Island Tug & Barge and Harley Marine Services Harley may not be hiring right now, but at least you can get your resume to a few more folks.

Enjoy Seattle. If you find yourself in Ballard (easy to get there by bus #15) you should stop by the [I]Lockspot[/I] where there always seem to be thirsty sailors hanging out, or the [I]Sloop[/I] just across the street. If ye enjoy good local brew, check out the Maritime Pacific brewery, also in Ballard.

Hey Brengus, just wondering how the job search in Seattle treated ya? did you go back with any offers or possibilities? Hope you had good luck.

Check out the Five Point Cafe.

You can send Tom_tugboat a PM and ask him if they’re looking or hiring.

[QUOTE=Kingrobby;26462]Hey Brengus, just wondering how the job search in Seattle treated ya? did you go back with any offers or possibilities? Hope you had good luck.[/QUOTE]

Things have been going great here in Seattle. Thanks once again to everyone for their insights and suggestions, they’ve been more helpful than you can possibly know.

Basically I arrived here with no real expectations, hoping to simply cast a wide net and see what I pull in. The goal has always been to work on a research vessel, it seemed to jibe best with my background moving ahead. I’ve had a lot of great experiences here in Seattle, and I think I’ve got a sweet job, but I’m going to be a little bit superstitious and not get into it until I’m onboard and we’ve left the dock :smiley:

Its been a real learning experience, and what I’ve learned most of all is how important it is to show up. Being here, meeting people, even the ones that didn’t really care to talk to me (only a few) has made all the difference. I’ve talked to guys about research ships, tugs, unions, schools, ferries, training, alaska cruises… all of it has been informative and each conversation has led me to something interesting. Sometimes it was a new contact, sometimes it was an informative tour of a facility, or maybe a look at a cool boat, or a view of the city or the sound.

If you’re a mariner looking for a job, and your phones not ringing off the hook or your inbox isn’t filling up, consider doing it the old fashioned way. Show up, meet some people, ask some questions, drink some coffee :stuck_out_tongue: , walk around, its a lot more fun than sitting at the computer for days on end checking you inbox. Its like a scavenger hunt, where you’re criss-crossing the city looking for clues that will lead to a job. One thing that’s pretty cool is that everyone around you is there to help you find your way.

I think I found a great position, but I’ll wait until we’ve sailed before letting everyone know. Thanks again gCaptaineers!


That’s awesome info. Thanks.

Hi all. First time poster, long time lurker.

I just moved to Everett, and have had all my mariner experience in the Gulf.

I’ll try to see if I can’t get a job in Seattle with my QMED.

Hi Regan- welcome aboard!:slight_smile:

Did either of you find something?

Brengus- you on a ship- or back in the Islands?

How is Premier Pacific Seafoods ??