Seasons Greetings 2017-18


You should try it. It is supposed to be the way to get up close and personal with the fjords and water falls:

And one of the few “maritime” activities in Norway that is license free.


you really are quite obtuse to references to any Monty Python sketches…aren’t you?

where do you think the infamous “pointy(ed) stick” was found?

if I say “and now for something completely different” does any little bulb at all light up or are you still sitting there in the dark?


Maybe he will get an “I am funny bot” reference


Merry belated Christmas to you as well. All of you. I was home for Christmas, and staffed an ambulance. Fortunately, we only had a few calls in 24 hours. I was surprised. Our chief came in to greet us, and explained that many people hold off on health issues until the day after and that it’s common for the hospitals get slammed on 12/26 (or Boxing day to many). Plus, with light traffic, there are fewer MV crashes.

I’m on for NYE, which will be a different animal! Then back to sea next week.


Oh I didn’t know you were a Monty Python fan.
Just out of curiousity; which one of the characters do associate yourself most with??
I must admit that I don’t see everything in terms of films and TV shows, so I do not necessarily associate things to characters in either. (But I DO remember some of the more memorable Monty Python sketches)


Drunks Operating

Take a winter cruise in Norway with Northern Light sightings guaranteed:


Don’t show them all the good places they’ll all want to come.
I see the Black Watch is doing the Northern Lights trip over Christmas. In Tromsø today from Alta.
Last time I was in Tromsø in December I think we had about 2 hours of twilight between 1100- 1300hrs.
Godt nyttår og takk for det gamle


I’ve seen them in Alaska enough times to satisfy me for the rest of my life


So there you saved a long tiresome trip and a lot of money.
Hurtigruta is loaded with Chinese that love to spend their money in the tax heaven of Norway anyway.

PS> The cruise ship on the picture that opened this thread (P&O’s Aurora) is on a Winter Cruise in Norway and will be doing a Norther Light Cruise in March. (A little late, since the days are getting longer and night shorter by then)


I have been going to sea since the early 80’s and have a few hundred thousand miles beneath my keel…SIR!

at present, I have no plans at all to cruise but rather to offer them aboard DAUNTLESS which I hope to start her conversion to offer this coming year barring a sale. Hopefully all is completed by early 2019 but I also need to commence a marketing program for her and that is what is really daunting…


It is daunting to market Dauntless?? How does that comput??
I think you need a trip on a working vessel along the coast of Norway to get your bearings.

I recommend this one:

She may be old but the REAL Hurtigruten enthusiasts wouldn’t be seen dead on board one of the new “big” ships:

Just imagine the enjoyment of a winter trip along the Finnmark coast at >70 N., like here:

And that is on a good day. You would feel right at home.


It is called “the Blue hours”. Not really daylight, but it is not entirely dark either. Amazing experience.

I spent a winter north of the Arctic Circle while in the navy in 1965-66.
I got to the conclusion that if the human race was created to live up there, we would have been given a thick layer of fur and blubber.


Which one is that again?




Some of us our working on those layers thank you very much.


When you achieve it there may be a place for you in Finnmark.


If that’s the direction you’re going in, you might want to list it with the Washington State Film Office or Oregon State Film Commission. Vancouver also has a film office and a lot of stuff gets filmed up there. These offices and/or the unions maintain rosters of technical services and lists of equipment that might be of interest to directors and that includes vessels. There are plenty of military jeeps and trucks available but not many genuine haze grey vessels…
Some of the listings are free and some charge you a fee. You’d provide them with photos and a brief description for an initial listing either as a camera boat or a picture boat. If it’s hired out as a camera boat, it’s used as a camera platform to shoot from. As a picture boat it would be used on camera as part of the story. I’ve done work as a marine coordinator for a Hollywood company that’s provided marine services on a lot of big movies over the years. If you’re interested in the owner’s contact info, PM me.


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