Seaman Overtime Exemption

Why are seaman exempted from federal OT laws? I can’t find conclusive reasoning.

There’s a lot of types of employment that are exempt. Especially a lot of employment that either works weird hours regularly or is highly paid skilled labor.

I understand that. I suppose I’m curious what the specific rationale is for exempting mariners.

I guess no one in the maritime world pushed for an 8 hour work day like many other trades did in the late 1800s. That’s basically where all the OT labor laws originated. In terms of labour rights we got the Jones Act(1920) which was basically a copy of the Federal Employers Liability Act(1908) but rewritten for Seamen.

Actually most places ashore incur OT after a 40 hour work week, not after an 8 hour day unless there are contractual provisions that state otherwise.

Yea but 8x5=40 that’s how they came up with the 40 hour work week. Some had even fought for a 30 hour week but it was stiff enough resistance getting 40. “8 hours work, 8 hours recreation, 8 hours sleep.” Was a common labour slogan. Obviously this is all from the point of view of factory workers, office workers, construction workers and other more normal professions where people clocked in and out.

Working at sea has been for a long time payed at a day-rate. Technically you’re always on the job. Eventually they came up with regulations that say how much sleep we’re supposed to get.