Seakeepers Society Needs Your Help

Via the online newsletter Bow Wave:

I write because I was recently elected Chairman of the International
Seakeepers Society (“ISS”). See the linke below for more information.

ISS is a wonderful not-for-profit organisation which may be
onto something big. If supported, their mission could be a
game changer for understanding global climate change, etc.

At present we have 55 Vessels carrying our Seakeeper 1000 units
and already we are making a significant contribution to the study
of marine weather data, climatology and oceanography.

Our Vessels gather data and beam it via satellite to the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin (NOAA) satellites
which in turn relay the data via satellite to the Scripps
Oceanographic Institute where the data is made available
free of charge to the world scientific community.

For example, we already have wonderful support for the world maritime
community. For example, Carnival carries five (!) of our units.

It occurred to me that your readers are an amazing possible
source for further assistance. Simply put, we need more vessels
and more units to achieve our goal.
Contact Michael at:-