Seafarer's Mental Health

The P&I Club Guard cannot be accused of being a sentimental do-gooder organisation so when they take up the topic of Mental Health among Seafarers it is because it it is also a problem for their business sector:

Cardiff University has studied what it takes to maintain seafarer’s mental health and wellness:

Apparently internet access is one of the main requirements.

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In the 70’s, I spent 4 years in the US Navy on destroyers. I was away from “home” for 6 months at a time while deployed, and was never depressed. Anxious? Yeah, only when the North Vietnamese were shooting at us, and straddling us with the first salvo!!! LOL

Then I joined the merchant marine. I didn’t feel isolated (or depressed) until they started putting TV’s in the crew cabins. That’s when the problem started - the crew self-isolated themselves in their cabins to watch endless movies, and stopped the social interaction of the nightly movie on the mess decks/rec room. Hell, some of them started taking their food from the mess decks to eat in their cabins.

And that was the end of “socialization” and team-building!!

Good job, technocracy!!! You killed a “good thing”. . .


Watch a couple of videos on “RESILIENCE”. You will be all better.

Even sans television, I would just be in my room with a good book or my laptop. There are people with whom I do not care to socialize with, mainly because where I work, subpar performance is tolerated and even rewarded with promotion. The less time I spend around them, the less I know of what they are up to and the less likely I will be pulled into their drama. Of course, that doesn’t always work.


Mental health at sea is in the news again: