Seacor Holdings Selling Assets

Since going private Seacor Holdings has been selling off most of their subsidiaries/ joint-ventures. I suspect the private equity figured it is better to turn higher yearly profits for their shareholders by selling off assets.
They have sold their inland barge division, seabulk towing, their stake in the CG railway vessels, Seacor island lines, etc.
They formed a joint venture with Crowley for their tankers which is suspect they will sell their stake eventually to a third party or Crowley itself.
I’d assume they are trying to sell off Waterman and US Ocean as well. I know they took over the management of all vessels under US Ocean most likely to ease a future sale.

Since Gcaptain is the forum to dive deeper into industry topics, does anyone know what is going on with Seacor? Are they actively seeking buyers for their other subsidiaries and what are the companies that have expressed interest?


Its in the name, seacor holdings. They have always been about turning assests over to make a profit. They havent been a “boat company” in 10 to 15 years.