Seabulk Commences Management of tanker Kodiak from Sea River

Saw this in my email today being that I used to sail within the union

"The American Maritime Officers job base expanded in November as Seabulk Tankers, Inc. commenced management of the oil tanker [I]Eagle Ford[/I] (formerly named the [I]Kodiak[/I]) from SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.

American Maritime Officers members began manning the 125,000 dwt tanker in all licensed positions at the beginning of November.

“The domestic energy boom continues to bring new jobs to the AMO membership,” said AMO National Executive Vice President Bob Kiefer. “We’re excited to be working with Seabulk Tankers aboard the [I]Eagle Ford[/I], and with the ongoing expansion of the AMO job base in U.S. domestic energy transportation trades.”

At a length of approximately 825 feet, the double-hulled [I]Eagle Ford[/I] was built in 1978 and is expected to operate in the Jones Act trades in the Gulf of Mexico."

I would have thought the old girl was to old to be cost effective but I guess being double hulled the powers that be think differently. Wonder what this move will do with seabulk’s competitors?

in your post about the Eagle Ford, what did you mean by “Wonder what this move will do with seabulk’s competitors?”