Sea time requirements

How much sea time is required to go from a deckhand to getting a mates license to run tugs?

Your starting down a miserable path. Without a greater than 200 grt license your looking at years… Probably atleast four.

I’m fairly new to the industry been working on inland/coastal tugs for about 8 months I have no problem working my way up I was just wondering how much sea time I need to get from one level to the next.

Ok. Good luck. 540 (8) hr days for apprentice mate (steersman) +++++++ plus!!! Another 240 days as apprentice mate.

Made a mistake its 240 12hr days and 360 8hr days after you get the apprentice mate, sorry for any confusion.

I forgot to mention a completed TOAR.

Starting out green like I did the only way is to take the miserable path as you call it right?

Not exactly. If I could do it all over I would have finished my t.o.a.r in a hurry then hurried over to osv over 200 tons and work on my dp and 1600 or 3rd mate unlimited.

What is this t.o.a.r you are talking about?

[QUOTE=tug/life-1535;89911]What is this t.o.a.r you are talking about?[/QUOTE]
Ohhhhhh boy.

Starting out fresh the fastest I have seen a guy get his mate of towing is 4 years.

Thanks for all the info I get a different answer from everyone I talk to at work so I was unsure about the whole situation

If you dont know what a toar is then your trainer has failed you miserably. By trainer i mean capt. Do some searchimg about a toar. And look up uscg nmc checklist for apprentice mate. The toar is a three sheet list of assesments to be completed onboard by you and signed off on by a designated examiner.

I asked about it after you mentioned it and found out about it

If you have been a deckhand for only 8 months then you should be worrying about more important stuff right now, like that dirt in the corner of the heads, the mysterious spill in the bottom of the fridge, how to catch a line every throw, and what angle is the best for chipping rust with a needle gun.

Oh and the answer to all of your questions is at

Now turn off the effing TV and do something before I find something for you to do!!

You may find this website enlightening, Grasshopper