How many days of sea time do i need to upgrade?

Am currently holding a apprentice mate of towing and a 100 ton master and a 200 ton mate I did that steersman class … And I am wanting to know how many days I have to have to upgrade to a mate of towing ? I work on a near coastal harder tug working 7 days on and 7 days off … I hope I can upgrade soon

I believe you need 360 as a steersman. I also think they are day for day.

Good Luck!!

Thanks I have heard a few deferent numbers Nmc they are hard to understand thanks again

360 is correct uscg days

I thought it was 90 days on a route plus getting the toar signed off by a DE. I got my mate of towing in less then 360 days…I though to uprade from mate of towing to master of towing is 360

How many days did you do it in ?

I believe that’s for an inland license. He works on a Near costal tug so he will need the Near Costal/ Oceans TOAR and the only way to do it faster than the 360 days is through the “30 day wonder” program and you most hold a license higher than 200 ton masters.

Ok yea I am not forsure at all on it all ! It’s crazy how long it takes to get a license now

It’s all worth it at the end!

You are very true about that !