Sea Time Letter


I know this is old, but does CG-719A still accepted? I’ve been asking for a sea time letter for over 8 months and now my office won’t even reply. Who sends the 3rd discharge letter to the CG? I’m stuck and really need help.


This sea time letter and discharge problem needs to be addressed by new USCG regulations. There needs to be a $10,000 administrative fine for not properly and promptly issuing sea time letters and discharges. This problem is too wide spread and persistent for the USCG to allow it to continue.


That would probably require Congress to act first. I am not sure the Coast Guard can create a civil penalty without some authorization and directive from Congress. While the general authority to regulate mariner credentialing allows the Coast Guard to promulgate regulations on the form of service letters, that authority may not be so extensive to provide for civil penalties for failure to comply.


A small sea service form will only work on vessels smaller than 200 grt if I remember correctly…since the OP says he worked for gulf mark this option most likely won’t work for him.

I used to work for another large publicly traded gom osv company, and it was always a nightmare getting a sea letter from them too.


Hi Krusty,

I get your frustration. They know how important these letters are. Is there someone at the company who can intercede for you, like the master of the vessel you worked on?


Probably it would be enough to have a crystal clear regulation that the company must promptly issue discharges. As long as the USCG would intercede unpinned a seamen’s complaint and demand that they be issued. After the USCG had to intercede a few dozen times they would start working on a mechanism for a fine or “user fee”.


The discharges are issued one per hitch and signed by the captain. It’s kind of hard to go back after the fact and get the discharges filled out.


What discharges? If I had them, I wouldn’t need a sea time letter.


The discharges you should have been getting filled out at the end of every hitch.


I haven’t recieved a discharge since sailing deep sea. Good luck getting a tug or OSV company to issue you a discharge.


I realize that, but YOU asked if they were still accepted. I’m telling you that yes, they are, but good luck getting them filled out this far after the fact.


:bananadance: I don’t need to go back years. Just 1 hitch :facepalm:


In that case have the captain sign and stamp it. I believe the ship can email a copy to the NMC.


A copy of your articles and STCW rest log should be more than enough to have the NMC go and verify your time properly.


Tugs and OSVs don’t sail on articles.


With very few exceptions if you cross out of inland waters you are going to be sailing on at least coastwise articles. Articles are your sailing contract and you really should make it a habit of getting a copy of them when you sign them and when you are discharged. Here is the CFR if you are interested.

46 CFR § 14.201 Voyages upon which shipping articles are required.


I’m telling you what the reality is, maybe you should listen to those of us with actual experience in the matter.