Sea time for S.A

Hello and greetings, Ive completed phase 1 from SIU appreciate program in the steward department after 4 months I was sent to a ship contract for maersk straight from the school as a rotary S.A . What the minimum amount of day I’m need to stay in the ship ? I’ve been told so many things that I’m confused with the info. Some one help !!

If you completed Phase 1 you will be assigned to a ship for approximately 12 weeks (Phase 2). During that time you will spend 4 weeks in each department before heading back to school. Upon returning to school you will get advanced training in the department you wish to stay in (Phase 3). When Phase 3 is complete the school will assign you to your first “real” job in your chosen career field (Phase 4). This is a 120 rotary job as a SA, Wiper, OS or DEU. You then go back to school and upgrade (Phase 5).

When we got to the school for phase 1. We sign up for the department we wanted to do and at the end of phase 1 for the steward we didn’t have to do 30 day in each department since we already decided the department before going to the ships, in this cases we didn’t have to come back for phase 3

So you got a job off the board as an SA? There is no minimum requirement for the amount of days. You can quit (with sufficient notice ) whenever you want although if you get off early you will have to pay for transportation.

How long is your assignment for? That the key.

If you look at the contract it will say what the maximum amount of days a crewmember can stay on. It depends on what book you are. Members with a better book can stay longer. C-books have to get off with fewer days.

That’s why people get confused. The contract is written with the max allowed on board, not min.

School sends us with out letting us know our agreement with the company, and yes they picked our ship.

Those first jobs are typically 120 assignments. If in doubt ask (Captain, Steward, or Bosun) when you get there. They will know.

The OP is asking for the minimum amount of days they need to stay on the ship. If it’s a normal 120 day assignment then seems like the next question is do they need a “completed assignment” on the discharge or or not.

If he’s still in the Piney Point program (which it sounds like he is), then he has to stay as long as the school told him, which is probably 120 days.

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