Sea Stories

Anyone ever pick up or drop off from Hess First Reserve in Perth Amboy? Nice little spot, very sad they closed it (or will close it soon). Well, mostly sad anyway… Anyone remember “Mr. Happy” from HFR? He made for some good laughs once we were making foam astern of us but while we were tied up it was another story all together… I would love to hear if anyone else had similar experiences there.

I was one several Tugs that got up close and personal with the bridge leaving there.

During the 1988 333 Strike, I was almost arrested for “Storming” the Bridge. All I was trying to do was go home but a asshole cop (They were in Hess’s pocket) told be to turn around because the bridge was open for a tug to come thru. I looked at him and said how and are you going to ticket me for a illegal Turn? I was getting out of my truck at the Picket Line when he came back in and he almost ran me over.

Another time we were Crew Changing, the off going Mate said the :we got real close to hitting the bridge leaving Hess", well I was standing looking at the bow fender which had a piece of a 12x12 sticking out of it. I looked at the mate and said, I think you got closer than you think!