Sea Shepehrd attacks Distressed ship

4 February 2011
Bob Barker, Gojira activists sabotage Japanese research vessel Yushin Maru No. 3 even after
sending a Mayday signal.
At about 0710JST today, the Yushin Maru No. 3 (YS3), a Japanese Antarctic whale research vessel
was subjected to attack by the Netherlands-registered vessel Bob Barker (BB) and the provisionally
Australian-registered trimaran Gojira (G).
The G and two zodiac boats sent from the BB repeatedly approached the YS3 and deployed multiple
wire ropes (propeller foulers) in front of the YS3 course and threw multiple projectiles. At about
0910JST at least two of the wire ropes entangled in the YS3’s propeller.
At 0928JST the YS3 sent a Mayday signal. The attack continued for a number of hours despite the
mayday call. No attempt was made by the SS vessels to assist.
The BB activists deployed at least 10 propeller foulers and threw more than 80 butyric-acid filled
glass bottles and at least 5 smoke bombs against the YS3. More than 30 butyric acid bottles landed on
the YS3. The G activists fired multiple paint-filled projectiles from launchers and used a large sling
shot to fire more than 30 butyric acid bottles. More than 10 of these hit the YS3.
During the attack the YS3 was broadcasting a warning message and made use of its water jet-pump as
a preventive measure to make the activists desist from further approaching.
No injuries to the Japanese crew from the activists’ attack have been reported.
Japan’s research whaling in the Antarctic (JARPAII) is a perfectly legal activity carried out under the
International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW). The Institute of Cetacean Research
strongly condemns the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) and its continued dangerous and
violent actions against Japan’s whale research vessels in the Antarctic.
The Dutch and provisionally-Australian registered vessel’s continuing attack even after the YS3 had
sent a Mayday signal not only infringes international law regarding the orderly navigation on the seas
but it is a clear outrage against humanity, that further demonstrates the need to put an end to SSCS’s
criminal activities once and for all.
We call on all related countries including the Netherlands which is the BB’s flag State and Australia,
the G’s provisional flag State and the virtual home port of the SSCS vessels, to stop condoning the
SSCS’s violent and illegal actions and to take every means available to prevent their unlawful
activities. Further, we strongly request that these countries deal with the SSCS’s criminal actions in a
strict and objective manner according to their international obligations.
NOTE : Photos and video to be attributed to the INSTITUTE OF CETACEAN RESEARCH,