Sea days on an uninspected vessel, does it count towards an upgrade?

I have sea time on an uninspected research vessel of 1700 GT. Does the fact that the vessel was uninspected cause any sort of penalty when I go to upgrade my mate’s license or am I good?

as far as I recall, there is no distinction in the CFRs when it comes to seatime on inspected vs. uninspected vessels. What the CG looks at is the gross tonnage and whether the vessels you have time on are authorized to run a two watch system vis. no 2nd mate required.

For a raise of grade, inspection status doesn’t matter. Just tonnage and the capacity you sailed in. If you say what you want to upgrade to, I could be more specific.

For a renewal, tonnage doesn’t even matter. For a renewal, all that is needed is “sea service.”

The 2 watches vs. 3 applies to how your time is credited. If the vessel had two watches, and if the vessel is among the few allowed to have two watches, the time could be credited as 1.5 days of credited service for each day in which you stood 12 hours of watch (watch only, working 12 hours in a day but not 12 hours of watch doesn’t count).

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I’d like to get some seatime on a 1700 GRT research vessel. Anyone have a list of research vessels?

The answer is NO

Is it GT or GRT?

I have a good amount of seatime that was accrued on civilian crewed naval support vessels, uninspected. I had no issues using it for renewals and upgrades.