Seatime upgrade

This may be a Stupid question? but I am trying to upgrade to 2nd Mate. I have the seatime but my vessel was in ROS status in a shipyard. Does all the time for the license upgrade have to be for creditable sea time or just regular sea time.


There is a CFR, or maybe a coast guard policy letter that covers this. Did you get a discharge? If so, does it say anything about being ROS? If it doesn’t, submit, if there is a problem the examiner will bounce it back.

It does say ROS on my discharge. But it also says seatime 304 days / creditable sea time 200.

Which do I use

I looked into it I couldn’t find anything about it

See 46 CFR 10.232(e).

46 CFR 10.232(e) only applies to vessels mandated by the Certificate of Inspection (COI) which are in operation but do not get underway or occasionally get underway for short voyages.

I took the OP’s question to mean that his ship was in ROS status because it was in a shipyard for an overhaul. If that is the case, then 10.232(e) doesn’t apply.

I also recall some clarification that used to be available, but haven’t seen anything recently when I went looking for it. Perhaps the clarification was retracted if it were not in agreement with the CFRs.