Schooner capsizes in Maine

Three crew members and 15 passengers were rescued by Bath fire and police officers, Bath Iron Works security boats and nearby vessels after the 73-foot sailboat tipped on its side near Doubling Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic.

This is very odd, I would not think this was physically possible unless metal recyclers stole all their lead ballast or something.

I hope the front didn’t fall off.


The front?

It is really bad if the front falls off unless the ship is out of the environment.

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But then it’s in a different environment.

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With WAFIs anything is possible…

(That’s what cellophane tape is for, you see)

Keel bolts?

Possible, but I thought those old schooners had internal ballast. I could be wrong, the ballast keel falling off would explain both the boat laying over and not sinking too.

Or hit a dead head and took on water at a rate faster than the bilge pumps could manage?

That would normally cause a boat to sink, wouldn’t it? Crackheads stealing the ballast would be my favorite so far.

It could develop a severe list before sinking. It’s not uncommon in the IP where there are lots of deadheads but Maine waters are not immune.