Looking to get on DP boats. Does it matter to the company what DP school I go to? Looking at going to L3 in Houston and I would hate to fork out the money and time for a company to say they can not hire me because I went to the wrong school

This question has been covered before in some DP threads. That being said, it is doubtful a company would care where you took your DP induction (basic) course. It does not matter for working towards the Nautical Institute certificate either so long as the training center is approved by the NI to give that course. However if you are eyeballing a particular company you can try and find out what systems their boats have and take your course at one of those manufacturers. It may give you a slight leg up.

For example Hornbeck has quite a few vessels with L3, some with Kongsberg (including newbuild 320s), some with Beier, and the 300s/310s are outfitted with Converteam systems. For Hornbeck it is public information that can be found by looking at their vessel specs on the website.