Savage Marine Info

Anybody ever worked for or heard anything about savage marine. Pay, Benifits, etc. Seen they built a ATB supposedly making runs from Tampa to the river. Any info would be great. Thanks

Here’s the ATB that they built. As for wages, I’ve not heard anything.

They have 3 ATBs and a chemical carrier ship. They also bought Settoon Towings inland tank barge division. The wages for AB are 82k per year and it is salary no OT or anything like that.

Salary ? They must be putting in some days over there especially if you don’t have a relief. Could of swore they had a bigger offshore division. Kind of sounds like Genisis. Must be hard to get on.

What are the other 2 besides the harvest??

i know a guy who interviewed for a shoreside position…he didnt end up getting it but he said supposed to be a great company with good benefits. I have seen some ads for them on indeed few months ago but i think they were for spots on their sulphur ship.

45 on 45 off

One is the Kelly and the other is laid up not sure of the name

Tug kelley got bought by savage?

I think I applied for a few ship positions with them but they required a PIC so wouldn’t consider me.