Saudia Arabia Takes 8.2 Percent Stake in Carnival Corporation

The old saying " they who lie with dogs will rise with fleas" certainly applies. I’m just not sure which dog has more fleas to begin with.


A plague on both their houses.


Saudi got the oil money. They can breath life into corpses. It’s starting a 100m dash at the finish line. What struggles did they ever have to overcome in life?

Interesting combination of Shakespeare and Cervantes. One of the useless nuggets taking up space in my head is that they both died on the same date in 1616, but not on the same day.


The Saudis aren’t stupid. A quick survey for cruises departing/arriving in Florida (which is forecast to experience peak coronavirus deaths in late April) finds:

They know that the cruise industry is more that just Caribbean cruises out of Miami and that even if their US operation should go bust Carnival Corp. have other feet to stand on.

Carnival has interests in many different Cruise companies, operating worldwide that is not dependent on the US market, or the economic situation in the US

Carnival’s credit rating dropped to Baa3 April 2 which is one step above “junk” non investment grade. Considering Moody’s is loathe to bite the hands that feed them I’d say that is not good sign.

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