San Jacinto College Maritime info

This program was designed at the request of local companies for better educated, more well-rounded, advanced entry level professional mariner. San Jacinto College- Maritime has developed this program to merge two years of U.S. Coast Guard required and approved maritime coursework with the basic math, science and English classes required of an associate’s degree. This will allow students to be more prepared for a successful maritime career. The program also includes 2 summer internships on commercial vessels. This allows students to put their classroom training into action. Students will Hopefully have about half the sea time required for a license at graduation, if they didn’t come in to the program with existing sea time.

Graduates of this program will have what local maritime employers have asked for. Our Advisory Committee helps develops the curriculum for the program based off of their guidance. These employers asked for this program and have been integral in designing this maritime degree curriculum and are anxious to hire graduates.

The commercial continuing education side of the campus offers over 50 Coastguard approved classes that run year round.
They have online registration, and a brand new building located in shore acres Texas.

I enjoyed my course at San Jacinto.

Did my Management course there and was extremely satisfied with it.

The best part is that I don’t have to go all the way to Houma or Morgan City for a class now, just a quick 3 hr car ride from my house.

Can you transfer to an actual maritime academy from there if so, will your sea days from your commercial cruise transfer As well???

Some of these classes are way cheaper than other larger schools like MPT in ft. Lauderdale.