Now Hiring FT Maritime Deck Instructor

San Jacinto Maritime Campus is looking for a Full Time Marine Deck Instructor position! Apply Today- posting will close Feb 19, 2018!

Wages? Pay grade?

Rages from 60-65k depending on experience.

That seems a touch on the low side when you would like an Unlimited Master!


Especially for Houston where there are no shortage of job openings for Unlimited Masters.

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I don’t understand San Jac, but why would I?

It would be interesting to look at the bios of the instructors they have now.

$65,000 might hire a capable local retiree who is collecting a military pension, plus social security.

I don’t know why anyone would move to Houston for $65,000. Pasadena is a rough neighborhood. Nice places to live around Houston are expensive and traffic is terrible.

San Jac’s courses are much more expensive than the schools in Louisiana. I think a lot of their courses are actually taught by Mid-Atlantic under Mid-Atlantic’s USCG course approvals. San Jac is undoubtedly trying to do more of it themselves.

Considering how expensive their courses are, they can afford to pay better salaries. The problem is public college administrations are run by academics who do not want to pay teachers who do not have PhDs.

I’d seriously consider it for about double that but not much less.

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Unfortunately it is almost impossible for any training institution to match the wages earned teaching verse sailing. Teaching and training the next crop of mariners has to be something that an individual wants to do. Not everyone is cut out for it, but those that truly do it for the right reasons find it self rewarding and enjoyable.

San Jacinto College Maritime Technology and Training center broke off from MAMA Oct 1, 2015. We have been teaching our own USCG material ever since. We currently have two Unlimited Master’s on staff to compliment and mentor our other instructors with lower level license.


I want to do it, but I can’t afford to do it for that salary.

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