Director, Maritime Commercial Program at San Jacinto Maritime

Now hiring a Director, Maritime Commercial Program at San Jacinto Maritime. We are looking for someone with strong leadership abilities, industry ties, good communicator and more!

Whats it pay? Salary grade 34 means what?


Salary range can be found at the link below.


John Stauffer

Associate Vice Chancellor

Maritime Technology & Training Center

San Jacinto College

3700 Old Highway 146 La Porte TX 77571

Office: 281-998-6392

Cell: 757-870-9194


You could have just said $75,448.00 to $113,172.00, and maybe explained how it’s decided how the actual salary would be determined.


That might not be in a “Vice Chancellor’s” job description.

Does anyone else now picture this guy talking about reorganizing the republic into the first galactic empire?

My apologies for not stating the salary range. I get several requests similar to yours on multiple media sources for vacant positions. The link is an easier way to direct individuals to the complete listing of all salary ranges. Salary is determined by the compensation department who take in to consideration things such as industry experience, education, license, amongst other things.


Mr. Cavo, please don’t look at any threads or posts under the “Maritime Employment” section. You are doing just fine where you are at. If you retired to some school in Texas, who would the CG send us to tell us the difference between our a-hole & a hole in the ground concerning CG regs?

Job security for Federal employees these days is not what it used to be, particularly for those involved with regulating industry. However, while I don’t rule out any contingencies, I’m not ready to consider moving to Texas.

Why even post a job without putting in the salary range.

My wife has told me “were not moving back there no matter how much it pays.” I think I could smooth it over for ~$150,000 but not for this.