Iam considering going to the California Maritime Academy to become a 3erd deck mercha

[FONT=arial]Iam considering going to the California Maritime Academy (Marine Transportation MaJor) to become a 3erd deck merchant marine officer. My question is what is the job outlook for Marine trasportation graduates, also what is the entre level salary for high seas jobs, and how much I can potentially make a year. Also How is life as a merchant marine officer.

There is a cheaper way to sail as an AB then getting your Third Mate at Cal Maritime

[I]“There is a cheaper way to sail as an AB …”[/I]

I guess that applies if all you ever want to be is an AB and can’t see beyond the bosun’s locker. Let’s see who made the best investment after a few years in the industry … or more importantly, after leaving it.

Do a lot of reading, internet searching, and browsing through lots of old threads on here and you’ll find a ton of answers to some of your questions along with a bunch of other useful info regarding sailing as a merchant mariner.

I say do you have an idea what type of vessels you want to work on?

Do you have $ or student loans to pay for school?

Are you eligible for USNR/MMR? this is 8k a year towards school.

The industry is still slow right now, its said that in 4-6 years there will be a lot of officers retiring and this will open up a lot of positions if the economy still is on an up tick.
Money depends on where you are working and what types of vessels and or cargo’s. Guys on the lakes this year started out at 350$ a day for 3rd mate with First class pilot for Great Lakes. Many worked as much as they wanted this year. We had an 05’ Graduate sail as much as wanted on the lakes the last few years he is writing his Masters this winter at age 27. so how much you make depends on how much your sailing 180 days a year 240 etc.

I’m a cadet at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. I worked a factory job for 5 years and was still making under 30k a year damn near running the place for the guy. I loved being on the water and chose to come to school @ GLMA instead of some other college or University.

I really am interested in OSV and dynamic positioning technology and would like to eventually end up in the oil patch. Looking around the PMI workboat academy is 27k and is 2 years. Great way to get a good mates job on a small osv or tug. at GLMA i will end up paying around 80k for the whole program with a Bachelors in Business. Couple 3rd mate oceans unlimited and First class Pilot- Great lakes and probably a tankerman PIC, I feel the extra time and money spent will lead to more potential jobs and the business degree is a benefit if I want a possible shore side job someday.

I also just finished reading “From the bridge” by Captain Kelly Sweeney a great little book with lots of insight about the industry and life at sea. pick up a copy.

Good luck with your search.

No reason a guy out of school with a 3rds cant make at least 80k working 6 months. Its an excellent career when you are young. It gets harder as you get older and have a family, but the pay is good. and the time off to enjoy that pay is even better. CMA is a great choice for schools. Campus life is fun and you will have a great time after 4 years with great memories. The golden bear will go to ports you will probably never see again.