Sailing under the Belgian flag, a thing of the past!

On 17 July 2018 legislation was formally published that changes will be made with regard to registering pleasure crafts in Belgium.

Up to now EU citizens with a passport from any of the EU states, or EU based companies, could register their yacht in Belgium.

As from 1 January 2019 only pleasure crafts owned for at least 50% by a Belgian resident can have their yacht registered in Belgium, or boats owned by companies registered in Belgium.

That means that boats owned for 51%+ by non-Belgian passport holder, will no longer be able to register their pleasure craft in the Belgian ships registrar after 1 January 2019.

Having read the text of this new legislation meticulously, it is pretty clear that foreign owned boats that are registered in the Belgian ships registrar, will not be able to extend their registration either, after the standard 5 years.

Not familiar with the issue my self, however this makes sense to me. I would support this type of legislation if I was Belgian. It’s fair to yacht owners that might go in together as a group on a boat, even though some of them might be of different nationality, however it blocks it foreign nationals. And if you’re from a different EU member state then go register in your own nation.

need to either be resident or have a resident company in Singapore to flag it
same rule for pleasurecraft or classed vessel

Not sure why this ends Belgian flagged boats, it just ends random people not from Belgium sailing them.

like voting for a new tax I’m inclined to say no. I can’t believe this new “law” from the emperors of the new world order is any improvement.