American Credentials, Australian Vessel and Waters

Man it’s been absolute ages since I last wrote anything on this forum. I got locked out when they re did the forum program and only just got back in now. But I digress…

Has anyone here ever worked on an Australian flagged Vessel in Australia under their American license?

Specific case: It’s a 65’ twin screwed sailing research boat recently purchased by two friends of mine. Neither has a master’s license so I flew down to help them out but need to ensure that I’m not breaking any laws.

Anyone done anything similar?


is it flagged pleasure or under any state commercial regs?
Be aware OZ has state based local commercial tickets.
They also have state based license to drive a pleasure boat but they do have lists of other ticket holders that comply.

So the vessel is registered “Domestic Commercial” and under local regs requires what they call a MASTER 5.

MASTER 5 is pretty similar to 100 Ton USCG Master.

I’m going to make an educated guess and say that if the vessel requires a license then your American license won’t be sufficient.

There’s a chance you can get a CEC or that at that level license or for that application the state won’t care where the license is from.

I checked the possibility to emigrate and work on Australian offshore vessels when the Oil crisis hit Norway like a ton of bricks. But the hassle of getting endorsement was to high. Australia is very restrictive on foreigners working in their waters.