Safety Close Calls - Photos & Video

Post your close call videos and photos on this thread!

First up; Navy Missile Defense!


Talk about being in the wrong place and the wrong time!

Great idea Al. I like this video… apparently they used gasoline instead of diesel. Oops


Photo “Walking The Plank”:

and some from shipyard:

Wow. Quite a blast to swim away from!

John, Pics aren’t showing up, just blue box with “” on it.

as for the boat fire. When will people learn not to use fracking GASOLINE. The morons that blew themselves up on Saipan in '04 trying to burn down a cell tower control box comes to mind. The other is that famous video from NY state of the house exploding when the FF goes to light it for a training burn. Supposedly that was less than 5 gallons of gas added to the house. The smart arsonist uses diesel… um…yeah, that didn’t come out right…