Rumble Strips on highways

Can relate to that in a small way.Has nothing to do with flying, but at times I found myself driving home after crew change. Going 70-80 mph in a rental on I-95 and hitting 45-55 in a highly enforced roadway on the last two hours almost put me to sleep. Was tired already, that put a hammer on it. That soda “Jolt” I discovered on those trips helped, but stopped at least 2-3 times to walk around the last two hours. The most unattractive waitress I ever saw woke me up and perhaps saved my life in that last hour. Don’t miss that shit at all.


I had an experience like this some years back.
We spent the X-mas holiday with our sons in Meleka (Malacca) but I had to return to Singapore to attend a case at the Arbitration Court.
On the way back at night I took the NS Expressway and put the Cruise Control on 120 km/h.
After an hour or so I felt sleepy, but there were no rest stop in the vicinity. I must have fallen asleep, but the noise from the “Rumble strip” along the road shoulder woke me up before we hit the guard rail.

From then on I have tried to avoid long trips on Expressways and use of Cruise control.
The old winding and narrow road that used to be the main road between JB and KL may be slower, but it keeps you alert and awake.

PS> I don’t know what is your preferred name for “Rumble Strips”, but here is a few choices:

Rumble strips work. They are all the things you refer to. Insanely ugly waitress(But a very nice lady) gave me doughnuts and sent me on my way. Thankfully I stopped there after 10 hours just getting off a 6 hour watch. I could never be a trucker.