Rubber fenders and innovative air bags for ship launching

Hi all, I am here to just share a bit of what we do.

MAX is currently popularising the use of innovative marine airbags for ship launching & hauling. If you’re not familiar about them, these airbags have been widely used from [I]mobilisation of massive sustainable aquaculture system structures[/I] to the [I]pioneering of airbag ship-launching by shipbuilders in North America[/I], as well as in [I]salvage/mobilisation/ship-launching projects by companies in Turkey, North America, South America & Asia[/I]. It is in our humble opinion, a ‘green’, safe, versatile and cost effective solution. They can also be used for buoyancy purposes! You can learn more and see comparisons/cases at

In addition, we also supply high quality and competitively-priced ISO17357 pneumatic floating fenders and PIANC2002 rubber fenders.