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If I make a route on Rose Point is there a way you can see a list of charts on that route

If you highlight/activate your route and then zoom out you can see the overlays of charts. Depending on your scale and then selecting properties, you click on the chart button and it gives you the current chart for where your cursor and scale is.
If there is a way to simplify this by showing the chart portfolio specific for the route, I don’t know.

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Same system…different question; we used to overlay the ACOE xyz format survey charts on the Rose Point for Belle Pass and the Bayou north to Flotaion Canal however, in the four years since I left I have absolutely forgotten the procedure. I have fiddled around with some Chicago District xyz surveys and got them onto a flash drive but can’t get them onto Rose Point…any suggestions?

Did the Rose Point program, where you would not have to correct paper charts anymore, pass approval from the USCG?

Rosepoint is an ECS, not an ECDIS so I am under the impression paper charts are still required.

Right. I heard a while ago Rose Point was working on a program like ECDIS.

Oh ok…I haven’t heard that one.

Something similar. The USCG has said that approved ECS software can be used paperless by small boats (like tugs) and I think that was what Rosepoint was trying to be approved as.

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That would be awesome!

…but only inside the boundary line. Outside the boundary line ECDIS is required for paperless per NVIC_16-01_Chng1.PDF

So if you’re running coastwise, no change

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Yes, good clarification. Thanks.