Electronic Charts- SUB M

Hello All. Does anyone have any suggestions for an ECS or other chart supplement that is sub m approved, other than rosepoint? I am a big fan of rosepoint, however, it does not make sense for some of the smaller vessels in our fleet that still fall under the regulations. Thanks

I’m not sure what, if any, chart plotter programs are actually “Subchapter M approved”?

Rosepoint is so cheap, and runs on a laptop, And is about the same price as most other functionally acceptable programs, how can it not make sense for smaller Sub M boats?

Maybe you’re looking for a phone app. I hope that none of those are Sub M approved.

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This doesn’t make any sense. The only vessels that I know of that run Rosepoint are small vessels.

Yea, isn’t it only around $300? The only thing cheaper is OpenCPN.

I don’t know. I thought Rosepoint was more expensive than others but allowed you to use the free NOAA vector charts instead of forcing you to use their proprietary chart files thus having to buy updates from them.

This is true. But OpenCPN is free and allows the same. It is great software if you want to run a laptop on your own rec vessel.

True but I’m not sure if it’s an approved type.

Then again, I’m not sure any of those ECS programs are officially approved yet, despite the fact that the NVIC allowing their use if they were approved by the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services came out 4 years ago.

A large portion of us flagged lake freighters, if not all are equipped with rose point


Forgive me as I don’t know much about the tug industry.

From Subchapter M
46 CFR 140.705 (b)
“(1) Charts, including electronic charts acceptable to the Coast Guard, of appropriate scale to make safe navigation possible. Towing vessels operating on the Western Rivers must have maps of appropriate scale issued by the Army Corps of Engineers or a river authority”

Like tugsailor said. It doesn’t appear that there is a “subchapter M” approved ECS. Use whatever you want as long as the electronic charts as acceptable by the USCG. Other ECSs I’ve used in the past are “Capn” and Nobeltec (now Timezero for whatever reason).

I couldn’t find any other reference other than this regarding ECS and Nav Safety Regs 33 CFR 164.72, which just say you need updated charts. Not much detail per electronic charts/systems.

Here’s the NVIC: NVIC_01-16_electronic_charts_and_publications.pdf (287.0 KB)

Also, if you are going to replace paper charts with electronic charts, you must have TWO independent ECS systems. It also must be up to date.

If you go to Canada, they do not accept ECS charts. You must have ECDIS or corrected Canadian paper charts.

I take a laptop and tablet with two independent systems with up to date charts with me to every boat because so many tugboats have inadequate crap systems with pirated software and charts that are three years out of date.

[quote=“tugsailor, post:11, topic:55403, full:true”]
Also, if you are going to replace paper charts with electronic charts, you must have TWO independent ECS systems. It also must be up to date. [/quote]

Don’t forget to make sure ABS denotes that on the documentation too. Sometimes that slips through the cracks.

SEAiq (www.seaiq.com) is relatively inexpensive, works with many PPUs, and is aimed at pilots and tug drivers. It runs on pretty much everything.

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