RoRo aground in Chesapeake Bay

The cause of the grounding is under investigation and there are no reports of pollution, injury or damaged.

That was quick reportind bug. I live near there. You are on it sir.

Oh come on now. I don’t know if you noticed, it was gCaptain that actually reported it, not bugge. He is just upping his post count. Same as you.

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i don"t think post count is bugs intent. The guy is logit, and kowledgable, , he knows his shit,

Whats your problem with Bug sir? That guy is pretty sharp.

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Sharp, yes. Just like a pointy stick in the eye. He certainly knows how to use google news aggregator and cut and paste links. Once in ten he’ll tag on an original thought at the end. Usually it is something pro-Asian or anti-American just to be provocative.

Pointy stick is/was another fellows creation/opinion whom I respect more often than not.

GRRRRRR. IT IS NOT A “POINTY” STICK!!! It’s a point - ed stick.


A nice chuckle.

I post links to articles of maritime news that I pick up here and there. Some may find it interesting.

If you are afraid that your mind could get contaminated with foreign ideas, just jump to next post.

PS> I don’t count posts, likes or clicks. That is foreign idea to me.

What is that??
I get maritime and other news directly in my inbox. (Gcaptain News among them)

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Bugge, as the forum is a place where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged, that is why I come here. I appreciate your links much more when they are followed by the particular point you found interesting and why. I can get my plain maritime news from other sources, including the gCaptain front page.

Which brings us to the point of my first post. seagle’s sycophantic lauding of your reporting skills was over the top.

When did I piss in your salad sir? Sycophantic, you say? Look in the mirror. I appreciate the posts of many who may not be “Favorites”.on this site. Although I may not agree with some of their posts, I do not disrespect them for their opinions. Try not to get your panties in a bunch. Another chuckle I never saw coming but enjoy. Thank you.


The vessel is underway now.

I wonder why it ran aground.

Bayrunner, I think you know the answer to your question. Been there many times and know the area perhaps as well as you.

Too many posts…