Rope Snapback Mitigation

[Disclaimer: I am not a professional mariner, but merely a humble shipping and marine technology enthusiast. Please bear with me / admins feel free to delete or give me a hint, if posts from non-pros are generally discouraged in this forum]

Snapback looks terrifying, even for the landlubber. I can only imagine what it must be like, standing in the vicinity of a tense creaking rope which may be beyond its prime…

Since DNV approved at least one snapback mitigation rope, I was wondering, if this technology actually creeps into the market, or whether the costs are deemed prohibitive by ship owners. Even if the willingness was there, I imagine it would take significant time for such a technology to trickle into the existing fleets. Any feedback welcome. TIMM Snapback Arrestor tested on Vimeo

(I also found this background video on barrier testing very informative: Understanding Marine Snapback Events - YouTube)

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