Right Whale ShipStrike Regulations

Hello all, New Member question…Can anyone point me to a link that would spell out what the fines are for breaking the 10kt speed limit within the Seasonal Management Areas for Right Whales along the East Coast of the US. I know the regulations but have not found what the results are if the rules are broken.

[B][I]I found them married on [U]same page :D[/U][/I][/B]

[LEFT][B][FONT=Arial][I][COLOR=blue][COLOR=#810081]CLICK HERE FOR LINK to see attached penalty schedules for specific violation penalties. [/I][/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT][/B][/LEFT]

[LEFT][B][I][COLOR=#0000ff]This (NOAA) # 727 - 824 - 5344 may help too. It is for Regulatory / unknown subject matter, they may be able to stear you too some statisticts reguarding past, current, or pending fines / sentences …etc[/I][/B][/COLOR][/LEFT]

Nauticart, I thank you very much for the response and the link. I will do the research. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

[B]Ok. Why the research on penalties?[/B]

Better not let the [I]Steve Irwin[/I] find out about this.

I free lance as relief capt on a private yacht. The full time capt was not aware of the regulations until I mentioned it to him. His conversations with me leads me to believe that he may want to ignore the 10kt rule. I just wanted all documentation including penalties and fines printed so that I could give it to him. With the links that you sent me I have all the info now. Thanks again. We are headed south in a few days and Im sure now that it will be a [U]slow[/U] trip. Best Regards.:slight_smile:

As chair of the IWC Ship strikes working group, I am particularly interested in this matter. It would be good to check with NOAA if the penalties mentionned in their document also apply to the speed regulation. It is not explicitely mentionned.

Alex from Belgium.

Hi Alex. I am in the delivery south. The links that Nauticart gave me are great. I printed everything and have it onboard with me. What I read in the penalties and rule seem to indicate that if you are fined for traveling above 10kts you could be fined under both ESA and MMPA since both protect the right whale. We have been traveling 10kts! I have found that most captains and marinas that I have talked to on the trip south have not heard of the 10kt rule. It does not seem to have been publicized enough. Only in northern FL did I hear the CG broadcast a statement of traveling 10kts through the specified areas. The fines are stiff and have jailtime attached. When I showed the full time capt this info…we have been going slow. Would enjoy other thoughts on this subject, in case I have read it wrong. Best Regards :slight_smile:

[quote=Ladycapt;21266] [I]“We have been traveling 10kts!”[/I]

Why not just move offshore 20 miles and speed up?