Retired running equip. matching our pay!

i’ve hauled 130 yards in 3 days. (10 yrd. dump) to start it you gotta put a stick on the clutch and throttle, ensure it’s in nuetral. get out (it’s a climb into a fwd. cab mack) and hook up the stbd batt, including the electric fuel pump. then the port batt., then uncover the hole for ether into the intake, then put the “special wire” into the key to hold it in the crank position and give it a snort, (maybe 5) then put the key back to off. unplug the batt cables or else they’ll drain the batts (alternator inop or something) and hook the elec. fuel pump back up on the + terminal.
also, every two loads you gotta pour about 1 gallon of used crank oil into the tank (dump bed UP), … there’s a few other complications but being a engineer column I know a few of you can relate to this '69 mack 10-12 yard truck. no license, only goes 1/4 mile around the ranch … sits most of the time.