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I finally have my paperwork in order, my twic and mmc is on the way etc. so i want to start applying for a lot of jobs I have seen popping up. My question is what is the proper way to have a resume laid out.
I was in the Navy, got out early because of RIF (reduction in force) I was a machinest mate, petty officer 3rd class. I was stationed to a shore assignment so never really went to sea, although i helped out on deck on boats quite a few times as they came in or we were moving them around. I want a job as a deckhand on a tug/barge ideally. I live in New York and have a good steady job so I can be a little picky, but the truth is I want to get in at ANY level in a big company where I have room to grow with them. I would take a pretty big pay cut if I could get in with a company that has a place for me to grow into a good position and offers stability dependability.

So my big question is how do I lay out the resume, how do I include letters of recommendation from my seniors in the Navy? Also I have been working where I am at now for over 2 years and I have never let them down, however, I know that my boss will naturally start looking for someone to replace me if he knows I am looking to move on. How would you recommend I go about telling the prospective company that I would need a couple weeks between being hired to train someone else to take my position at my current job since I basically do everything. Also is it ok to tell them that I do not want my current employer to be contacted for a reference? Or do I need to just let him know ?

any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!!! If anyone wants to PM a sample resume that would be great!

I pm’ed you a copy of what I use. I have had great success with it. Hope it helps

It is completely acceptable to ask them not to contact your current employer. Most companies respect that choice.

Skycowboy could you PM me a copy as well. I’ve been out for over a year and could use any help! Thanks.

Sure no Problem

just a bump. My car got broken into about 2 days after this post and my computer got swiped among other things and I FINALLY just got one. . . still very interested.

[QUOTE=skycowboy;50280]I pm’ed you a copy of what I use. I have had great success with it. Hope it helps[/QUOTE]

Veit, be carefull of what Skycowboy considers great success, when it comes to resumes…You guys may not be talking about the same thing…

Check out the Nigeria thread to get a better understanding…

Geeesh. I get contacted for one bogus job. and get keeled hauled.

[QUOTE=skycowboy;50280]I pm’ed you a copy of what I use. I have had great success with it. Hope it helps[/QUOTE]

think you could hook me up with that as well? ive only seen one resume of a seafarer and it would help immensely to get a look at some more.

[QUOTE=skycowboy;51138]Geeesh. I get contacted for one bogus job. and get keeled hauled.[/QUOTE]
I told you before that payback was double…lol…

skycowboy, would it be possible to get a copy of the resume?
Thanks you

Is that resume writing service dedicated to the maritime industries?

Can you explain working for shares?
Day rates?
Rotation schedules?
Contract duration?
Trip work?

How about the manning requirements, license structure or holding a license but not working on it?

These are routine discussions for job seekers in this industry.

A seamans resume needs to be written for a seamans position.

Writing a resume for a college educated, insurance selling, weekend yachtie ain’t gonna get you anywhere near a deck job on a commercial vessel.
This industry is more about qualifications and experience than non-marine successes.