Resolve in Alaska

I haven’t seen any recent posts about this. Who knows about the Resolve vessels in Dutch? Seems like they don’t move much. At least annually there is one licensed position being recruited. Is it the weather/rotation/pay? Does anyone know why they are always looking for people? Left the post vague so people can put in their two cents as sailors do.

I know some people who have worked for them. The pay is on the lower side…but that was as of a few years ago, so may not be the case now.

The boat in dutch is a beast, but an old beast. Who knows what kind of shape it’s in. Especially considering its purpose is to do rescue tows in some of the most harsh and remote environments in the world.

Resolve pays low Florida wages in Alaska. Probably the worst pay in Alaska. Indian managers in Florida. The boats sit around doing nothing most of the time. Most of the crew comes from Florida. Most of the people I’ve known that worked there didn’t stay too long.

Getting more and more difficult to find experienced (or willing) wire boat captains these days, better yet captains with experience in salvage and rescue towing.