Rescue at sea

Rescues are still going on off Vietnam, but now it is fishermen, not refugees. (Nobody running away anymore, they are returning):

My wife is from Vinh Long in the Mekong Delta and we have observed that the Communist rulers have decided that Western style economics are the way to go. We have bought some furniture made in VN and the quality is very good, much better than China or the other Asian countries excluding Japan. It appears that money talks and some communist dogma walks when it comes to prosperity.


Lots of those that left in the years after the war and their offspring has returned to Vietnam:

Some are doing very well and others have met with some resistance from those who stayed behind. Many returnees have done very well and others not so well-

The worst off are those who were forced back by Trump’s policy:

My wife, HUE, (like the imperial city and battle of…) got out in 74 before the commies came crashing in. I came home in 73.

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Have you and/or your wife been back for visit(s)??

My wife has been back a few times. She bought her mom a house and then to visit siblings and when her mom died. She was glad to come back home!
I am sure that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the heat & humidity of the Delta. anymore.