Requirements for storage of chemicals on ships

Good day!

Does anyone here know the specific requirements for storage of chemicals on ships? I know a dedicated secured chemical locker must be in place, with proper ventilation, MSDS and protection equipment. But what about the regulations on what type of chemicals to store in the same location? I have searched Unitor/Wilhelmsen documents without much luck:

“When not in use: Store chemicals in hermetically closed containers in a cool and very well ventilated place.
Segregate chemicals by: their hazardous nature, toxic with toxics, flammables together, etc.
Dieselguard NB & Rocor NB Liquid: Store away from acids & flammables.”

What about storing acids and basics in the same location? Are there any rules regulating this? If any of you have access to any kind of “Best Practice” documentation, that would make me grateful. Thanks.