Requesting to test for all mates?

I put my request to test for 1600T mate. But I got nervous when I saw third mate unlimited had a few more questions than the 1600 ton and I thought they were the same exam. Lapware

So I plan on putting in another request to test for third mate Unlimited when I get off my hitch but then I started to think can you request to test for 500 ton 1600 ton and third mate unlimited at the same time?

You only get two tries before you have to wait 90 days to retest but if I meet the requirement for third mate unlimited I could test for 500 ton or 1600 ton and then upgrade later after I have my license

So in effect, you would have two tries on each test but would not have to wait 90 days you could fail two of the 500 ton then take your 1600 ton if you wanted two more and if you wanted two more after that take your third mate

I am aware that if you fail the exam twice, you’re probably not ready and you need to study more. I was just curious if you could do this.

500 GRT and 1600 GRT mate are the same exact text as 3rd Mate unlimited. If you pass the 500, you don’t have to sit again until chief mate.

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Maybe I need to be clearer in the question asked

Can you request to test all at the same time

500t mate
1600t mate
3rd unlimited

And get 3 letters to test?

In affect bypassing the 90 day wait time should you fill an exam twice?

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I will admit that I read your post quickly. I just assumed that no one would be stupid enough to propose a pain point as you’ve suggested over just studying the material. Sure…. It may work for you. Potentially 3x the cost and 3x the hassle to get what you’re looking for.

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Especially when you’re planning to subject yourself to 30 tests and fail 8 of them.

I never said I was taking 30 exams holy shit.

I just asked if you could. If for some reason you failed your examination twice because of some stupid error on your part you could just pull out your 500t to test letter and give it another shot without waiting 90 days

Jesus fuck people I was just asking if you could.

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Your premise still makes no sense. If you request to test for 500/1600/U/L Mate at once, you’ll receive only one letter to test. So in order to implement your plan you’d need to submit 3 applications separately and then schedule three examinations all within 90 days after you receive letter of approval to test for the first exam.

Given the current wait time for examinations, you’d need to schedule the second exam before you complete the first.

Thank you. I thought you would get 3 letters.

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Just take the tests you’ve been approved for then immediately apply to upgrade with no exam.

If you really want to save $145 dollars you could possibly email your escalator and ask to be evaluated for 3rd Mate Unlimited instead and get a new approval to test letter. They might do that without needing you to submit a new application.

If you just pass 1600 mate, you can just apply for 3rd mate unlimited and if you have the sea time on vessels over 100tn then you can get 3rd mate without testing

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In addition to all above, making NMC evaluate additional specious applications is time they are not spending on someone else’s renewal application.


I don’t think CG will send you three letters. They will send one and it will say that you are cleared to seat for 500-1600-3rd test.
That happened to me when I requested to test for Engineer Limited ocean. They sent letter informing me I am cleared to seat for that one and DDE unlimited (same test for both)