Replacement MARAD Vessels

What class of vessels will MARAD buy to replace aging tonnage?

It’s been stated by MARAD fleet reports that the fleet has to be recapitalized, replaced, or retired. These documents have said they are looking for a fleet or class of ships to purchase by the government for the purpose of retiring old RRF ships. I figured it would be the Hapag-Lloyd Express ships or the Maersk Ohio/Atlanta/[city/state].

They are also exploring the purchase of slightly used foreign vessels.

In fact, much of MARAD’s existing fleet was built overseas and was purchased on the used market.

Buzby has mentioned many times all options are on the table. Including slightly used foreign ships that can be reasonably modified to suit their ops. He has good intentions, finding the money is the hard work. I wish him and Marad well in that pursuit.

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I know they have been looking at the CHAMP program for quite a while but the sumbarine tender came back 30-40% over budget so they are taking another look at it…Currently 4 yards are working on various designs for CHAMP variants…Bollinger Shipyards, General Dynamics NASSCO, Philly Shipyard, and VT Halter Marine

Marad has only so many dollars to work with, as congress will allow. Trying to get best bang for the buck that helps the aging fleet. Best chance they’ve had in many moons with Chao and Buzby working together, a rarity in that department. Sad, but not a good environment with this pandemic and other things going on to ask for more funds. Fingers are crossed for their success.

I heard from several people that the old ACL con/ros, Atlantic Conveyor, Atlantic Concert, Atlantic Cartier, Atlantic Compass were being looked at seriously by MarAd for purchase. I have no idea where those ships are now, probably broken up.

Hopefuly not, the latest of the Atlantic Conveyor series ships were built in 1985ish. 35 years old.

Think they had much newer ships in mind.

Maybe this one could be useful?: (No it is NOT a surplus Cruise ship)
It is old enough to be cheap and could haule a lot of troops, with their personal weapons and gear.

Looks like an old cattle carrier.


Stinky?? That depends on the hygiene of those that is carried.

At least there is plenty of space for rations, and tank capacity for dung + water to keep the troops hydrated and clean.

Hardship only harden the men and get them ready for fight.

The cattle. Though troop transports, like training ships, will have their fair share of stink from the berthing holds. Inevitable.

Not that Atlantic Conveyor, the one that came after it.

That class of ships have been scraped. The never class made in China. Atlantic Sun, Star, Sea, Sky and Sail. These were very economical built ships. The first couple could not keep the glass from cracking.