HOS wins auction of 3 OSVs from MARAD

Read the gCaptain article this morning on HOS winning the auction for 3 OSVs from MARAD. It took a while for me to find what OSVs MARAD had sold. Sale of Boldini Vessels-BRAVO V VI VII 09092021.pdf - GovTribe
Eastern launches third PSV for Brazil’s Boldini | WorkBoat.

How did MARAD end up with these Brazilian owned/not owned OSVs?

Crowley government services owned in 2018 onwards.

MARAD financed their construction by a Florida yard (to subsidize the shipyard) for Brazilian owners. Brazilian owners went under and MARAD repossessed them.

As I recall, MARAD paid Crowley to tow them back from Brazil one at a time with the big Ocean class tugs. Ridiculous waste of money, they should have towed all of them at once in a triple tandem.

Marad probably paid Crowley more to tow them back to Florida, than they got from HOS for the boats.

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Cramped accommodation for the size, I remember seeing these deck plans when I was at HOS and feeling happy we got the extra deck of staterooms.